Volvo globetrotter xl

Earlier this summer Volvo Trucks unveiled the latest model of its Volvo VNL semi-truckthe first full redesign of the trucking industry mainstay since Although Volvo is producing multiple versions of the new truck, we tallied test miles on two models, the VNL and the flagship VNL Moreover, the sleek, aerodynamic design shouts efficiency and competence.

A turbocompound engine employs a turbine to recover energy from the exhaust gases. Mated to the overdrive iShift automated transmission, this equates to extreme downspeeding, a function where the rear gear ratio is sped up in order to lower the speed of the engine and improve efficiency. There was no opportunity to verify fuel economy, but Volvo says that this setup will gain 6.

The test route gave us a combination of interstate, divided state highways and two-lane rural roads over a nearly mile loop. Trailers — a flatbed with concrete blocks on the and a van on the — were loaded to give the trucks a gross weight of around 77, pounds, giving a real test to the new turbocompound engines.

Volvo FH4 Globetrotter XL 500 bhp 2016 (66)

Volvo uses its number designation to indicate roof height and sleeper size. The dictates a mid-roof and inch sleeper; the has a nominal inch sleeper with the taller roof Other trucks available but not driven were the VNL high-roof and day cab models.

The replaces the earlier VNL premium mid-roof model. Our test vehicle was in the Globetrotter trim, the new premium level that has the most comfortable and attractive interior. It also features external brightwork and has the Globetrotter name emblazoned across the sun visor for drivers to show they have the premium model in the VNL lineup.

Because the has the biggest sleeper it also carries the XL designation. Both trucks feature the turbocompound liter engine. These dual torque ratings indicate the TC is available as a High-Torque version or an Economy version where torque is limited in the lower gears. Both TC engines make their torque all the way back to rpm, which is absolutely amazing as this is only about rpm above idle. However, the tall final drive and the overdrive 12th gear give an incredibly tall 1.

This is extreme downspeeding, and with tires on these trucks turning around revs per mile, it calculates out to to 1, engine rpms at 60 mph. So low-speed torque is all important. The turbocompounding that boosts the low-speed torque uses a two-stage turbocharger where the second stage extracts additional horsepower from the exhaust waste heat and, because it is coupled to the flywheel, adds around 50 horsepower that would otherwise be lost up the exhaust stack.

The new VNLs are so fully featured that before setting out, a review of the controls is mandatory, especially those on the steering wheel that control the driver display, cruise control, phone, stereo and a good deal else. One minor quibble is the iShift transmission shifter, a small stick mounted to the seat, which does impede access to the sleeper. There is an option for a dash-mounted button shift selector which solves that minor flaw.

Some will find the seat-mounted shift counterintuitive. You shift the lever back to select drive and forward to select reverse.

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While driver accommodations such as more spacious interiors and exterior styling are truly a step ahead, what became quickly apparent is the enhanced steering of the new models. And, yes, the performance of the Volvo liter, turbocompound engine. The engine pulled like a locomotive from the moment we turned out of the staging area.

volvo globetrotter xl

In this evolution of the Volvo lineup, a front-axle stabilizer is incorporated into the front suspension. The benefits on this simple upgrade were quite remarkable. It also virtually eliminated sensitivity to rough roads and road ruts and provided more precision in turning allowing a driver to ease through a curve. Volvo calls this development Precision Perfect.

The cabin proved to be exceptionally quiet, making it easy to discuss the features of the truck with Peter Blonde, a Volvo senior production manager, as we cruise along I On the highway, the engine revs to around 1, rpms and then the iShift would pick up the next gear and drop down to 1, rpm.

The engine tackled a relatively challenging climb in 11th gear. As we cruised down the back side of the climb, the transmission shifted into 12th, and the rpms dropped back to a shade under 1, for our mph cruise.

It was all so effortless, and because the rpms were so low, it was with minimal additional noise over the truck at idle. At cruise, with the adaptive cruise control doing all the work, the only sound was a little wind and road noise from the tires. The new floor covering does a masterful job of blanketing engine noise.What does this mean for me? You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate. However, certain site features may suddenly stop working and leave you with a severely degraded experience.

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Volvo FH Globetrotter XXL

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2020 Volvo Vnl 860 Globetrotter Xl

To make sure that every long-haul driver gets a good sleep, the bed in the new Globetrotter XXL cab is 2. You can also equip the cab with a second upper bunk. To make room for this improved sleeping area, Volvo designed the Globetrotter XXL with a rear wall mm further back than in a standard Globetrotter XL cab, creating a massive litres of extra internal space. The Globetrotter XXL cab is strengthened with extra C-pillars, and has been thoroughly crash-tested to ensure it meets our stringent Swedish Cab Strength Test safety standards.

It is also compliant with the ECE R The longer the journey the more important fuel efficiency becomes. Ask a question. Find a part.

volvo globetrotter xl

Book a service. Spec your perfect truck. It all happens with your Volvo Trucks dealer. Room to stretch out To make sure that every long-haul driver gets a good sleep, the bed in the new Globetrotter XXL cab is 2. More than just a bed — A bigger home on the road To make room for this improved sleeping area, Volvo designed the Globetrotter XXL with a rear wall mm further back than in a standard Globetrotter XL cab, creating a massive litres of extra internal space.

Read more about the extra room in the XXL cab. No compromises on safety The Globetrotter XXL cab is strengthened with extra C-pillars, and has been thoroughly crash-tested to ensure it meets our stringent Swedish Cab Strength Test safety standards. As fuel - efficient as ever The longer the journey the more important fuel efficiency becomes.

Find out more about fuel efficiency. Find your local dealer.Unfortunately it doesn't always work for some people, especially if some features of your web browser are disabled or a VPN is used to mask your location.

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More Popular Games Popular Games. Daily Wordsearch. Typing Maniac. Just type this. Text Twist 2 - Online Version. Word Candy. Jewel Academy. Scrabble Sprint. Text Twist 2. Daily Quote Typing. Daily Sudoku. Daily Crossword. Logo Quiz.It was originally introduced in late as the FH12 and FH FH stands for F orward control H igh entry, where numbers denominate engine capacity in litres. The FH range is one of the most successful truck series ever having sold more thanunits worldwide.

In late Volvo had unveiled its replacement for the legendary F cabover series in production for almost 15 years. The development of the all-new design 12 litre engine with its overhead camshaft and electronic unit injectors technology placed Volvo among the world's leading engine designers. There were two models, FH12 and FH16 which shared common cabs and chassis and the FH12 immediately won " Truck of the year " award in The 16 litre engine, gearboxes and the driveline were carried over from previous generation albeit with many improvements and the host of additional features including all new Volvo engine management and its diagnostics for the D12A engine.

The cab featured more sharply raked windscreen while wedge shaped sides rounded into front panel at much wider radius corners and the rear vision mirrors were also streamlined.

The cabin was subject to the toughest cab impact test where procedure involved placing a 15 tonne static weight on the roof and one tonne pendulum striking at the cab rear wall and at the windscreen pillars, at the end of which the cab doors must be able to be opened.

From the design angle the new D12A engine was one of the largest engine projects from Volvo Trucks since the s at the time. The basic design was still based on direct injection in-line six diesel engine around 12 litres displacement but with entirely different fuel and valve systems when compared with previous Volvo engines.

volvo globetrotter xl

The D12A was designed as a "world engine" to be able to meet the latest demands in high power output, low fuel consumption and lower emissions with its single OHC overhead camshaft design, four valves per cylinder and one centrally located electronic unit injectorintegrated engine compression brake and two-piece, steel and aluminium pistons.

The engine design left the door open for future upgrades in both power output and emission technologies. The brake operates on a principle where exhaust valve cam followers acts on secondary cam profile when engine brake is activated. Engine oil pressure is used to eliminate extra valve clearance thus this action forces the follower against secondary lobes and unseating exhaust valves temporarily to achieve so-called compression bleeding as employed by similar systems from Jacobs, Cummins and Mack however Volvo system has an extra cam lobe thus giving two openings of the exhaust valves and is designed to work in conjunction with an exhaust brake so two of the engine's four strokes are used to raise engine braking effect - Exhaust and Compression strokes.

In conjunction with introduction of FM series in[7] Volvo had facelifted existing FH series with minor modifications to the cab but major upgrade to the electrical system, engine and gearbox. The so-called TEA T ruck E lectronic A rchitecture introduced a technical solution to possibility of various electronic control units to work and communicate with one another.

volvo globetrotter xl

The systems have been linked using two data buses or data links which allowed control units to exchange relevant information over the data network. TEA is a computerized control and monitoring system which is used to control and coordinate the various functions of the vehicle main components.

Triple 2x12 beam span

The new instrument cluster included a LCD panel to show information or diagnostic messages from the systems broadcast via J data link. The original D12A engine was considered as a rather conservatively power rated and expectations of higher power output from such an engine design was always at the mind of not only designer but customers alike. The gearboxes were based on previous SR series and shared the same number of gears and gear change pattern.

Torque increases from Nm to Nm were due to changes to machining of the gears as well as use of the new type of narrower synchromesh mechanism allowing increased gear width. In Volvo introduced the third generation of the FH and FM series with the cab and driveline given major makeover. New rear view mirrors were introduced to reduce blind spots and improve air flow, new headlights and front side marker lights, new split sunvisor and new wider front steps complemented the external modifications.

The interior was redesigned with more rounded edges around the dashboard and new seats with integrated seatbelts. Integrated telephone speaker and microphone with steering wheel controls for radio and inbuilt GSM phone were an option.

As a standard equipment FH models also included FUPS F ront U nderrun P rotection S ystem to further enhance safety by preventing smaller vehicles from being "underrun" or wedged under front of the truck in an event of frontal collision. I-Shift borrowed from old transmission technologies like non-synchronised main gears which allowed a reduction in size and weight and a countershaft brake to achieve more precise shift control while matching engine rpm to transmissions rpm e.

TECU requests the EECU to correct engine rpm so as to synchronise the rpm to effect a smooth gear change, similar to double declutching. After delaying introduction of new 16 litre engine for 2 years [6] in Volvo introduced one of the most powerful trucks ever built. The notable design changes included timing gears being on the flywheel side of the engine rear mounteddesign which allows for increased airflow around the engine, more precise injection and valve operation, noise reduction and manufacturing cost due to flywheel casing being used to house timing gears as well.

Initially available to meet Euro III emissions requirements, further improvements will enable the engine to meet or exceed Euro IV and possibly Euro V emissions targets. In Volvo introduced D13B [17] with Exhaust Gas Recirculation configuration and VGT turbocharger but without exhaust particle filter and is the only manufacturer to offer this solution thus far.Which means that, no less than at first, the Volvo Vnl Globetrotter Xl can be offered with a 2.

Because of this the Volvo Vnl Globetrotter Xl will function the very same engine as the Ranger. This specific 2. Three-liter EcoBoost mill cranks out horsepower and pound-feet of torque.

And that torque figure is actually impressive. The mill contains a twin-scroll turbocharger that extracts exhaust gas from two pairs of cylinders in alternating sequence to be able to enhance pulse power and scale back lag. It also features an Auto Begin-Cease perform that shuts off the engine when the vehicle involves a cease and restarts it instantly when the brake is launched.

This feature improves gasoline economic system. A new design, the SelectShift gearbox features optimized gear progressions for easy shifting.

Used Volvo FH Trucks for Sale

Because the battery pack might be integrated into the floor of the truck, it would have a very low center of gravity for a automobile of its type. Attempting to make a tall, heavy pickup truck handle like probably the most iconic sports activities vehicles on the earth seems right on unattainable.

Possibly between its massive energy and torque figures and the aforementioned active suspension whose job may not solely be to adjust the ride height primarily based on load, but in addition assist the truck nook flat, it is going to be the perfect handling truck ever made; beating a Porsche round corners looks like a far much less possible scenario, although. This means that, a minimum of to start with, the Dodge Ram Limited will probably be offered with a 2.

A fast This means that, at least at first, the Honda Hrv New Model shall be sold with a 2. Three-liter four-cylinder engine. A fast take a look at Which means, at the very least at first, the Nissan Juke Uk will likely be sold with a 2.

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